Unlocking Terms

Wizzfix Ltd allows you to request the cancellation of an unlock code order on wizzfix.com if the cancellation request is received within ten minutes following your order Completion , in this case normally it will be instantly approved and cancelled. If the request cannot be instantly approved/cancelled, it will be seen as Not Shipped for until Wizzfix.com ’s supplier accepts the cancellation request, or refuses it and delivers the unlock code. It is wizzfix.com ’s supplier’s sole discretion to accept or deny a cancelation request. This Is Beyond Our Control Once It hAs Been Submitted

  • -If you think you have received the wrong unlock code, you have 3 days following the delivery of your order to request, Explanation From Us, A Small Delay Can Occur Whilst We Wait For the supplier to verify the code Which was issued.

You also accept that for some unlock tools (including, but not limited to,Ones which come from a calculator and that are guaranteed to return every-time the same code regardless) this procedure may not be available unfortunately ).

– If, after the verification procedure has been launched, the code is the same as the first one, wizzfix.com will issue a refund of your order if you provide a video proof; this video proof must be compliant with these rules:

  • First type *#06# (or any other way of displaying the IMEI on the phones LCD) on the phone then wait 5-10 seconds until we can clearly see and read the IMEI of the phone displayed.
  • If present, the operator (on which the phone is currently locked) logo should be clearly visible.
  • Insert, in the same phone, a SIM card which is not currently accepted by the phone.
  • Wait 5 seconds until we can clearly see and read the message displayed by the phone
  • Enter the code received by the server, SLOWLY, and the keys being pressed (or touched) must be clearly seen in the video as the code is entered into the phone.
  • If you get an error message, wait 5 seconds so we can clearly see this message
  • By the way, make sure the video is correctly focused and the codes, messages, IMEI are all visible on the phones display .

Then please upload the video using free download website like wetransfer.com, or free streaming website like youtube.com and forward to us by email.

Please pay extra care when Sending your video to us Ensuring NOT to mention in the video the Name of our Company, and to NOT show your name or Email as we’ll not accept this as we need to forward the video proof to our supplier if any these condition happen. Finally still if you are a Wholesale User, please forward the Video by email including all the details below :

  • “Service Name” you used to request the unlock code for this order.
  • “Brand, Model and IMEI” of the Cell Phone.
  • “Unlock Code” you received.
  • Any special information we might have request during the Unlock Process (ie: UDID, Provider ID, SeCro)
  • And finally a brief description of the “Error” when trying to enter the code.
  • – If your complaint is about an iPhone Unlock Service, first please do not waste your time unless you can provide a video proof. We will only accept a complete Apple GSX Check report performed on our own Server (we do not accept GSX Check report performed on any other website). You must use the service : “iPhone & iPad Full GSX Check (5 Minutes)” – to perform the GSX Check and pay for the check. Then please forward the result to us by email. If the result show that phone is still locked, and from the exact same original network you place the order for we will then refund the check and forward the complaint to our supplier to investigate about the issue. If the GSX Check show the phone is not from the correct Network, or the phone is Unlocked then no refund claim or complaint will be accepted.

17.5 When you select a tool in the dropdown menu in the IMEI Unlock section, an information note may be presented to you, giving you special instructions for this particular tool, including but not limited to, phone models or operators not to try to order. It is your responsibility to follow these particular rules. wizzfix.com will refuse any refund request if these rules have not been followed and you receive a wrong unlock code.

-Any refund claim, whether or not Video Proof is provided, must be made less than 7 days after the delivery date of the order. We will not investigate or refund any claims made after this period.

– If you have a Samsung phone which shows Phone Freeze due to too many wrong codes entered, please note that the only way to get a working unlock code is using the Samsung Europe or Samsung USA tool (Factory Codes); it is not possible to get the Unfreeze code by another way.

We can’t help u in that case –