Book Your Repair

Book a postal repair

Get a box sent out right away to collect your device.

Once you have received your handypack securly place your handset/device inside and seal firmly, you then can ship it to one of our “Wizzfix Repair Center’s” at your convenience. After your device is succesfully repaired we will invoice you the total repair cost which you can complete online here through your account with multiple payment options, We’ll deliver your device back to you in as little as in 2-7 business days good as new.

£15.00 Booking Fee Covers The Handy Box / PrePaid Shipping Label Which We Will Dispatch To Your Chosen Address |  Alternatively You Can Ship Your Device Direct To Our HQ At Your Own Accord.

Model Screen Replacement Battery Repair Charging Port Repair
iPhone 5C £30 NA £30 £30
iPhone 5S/SE £35 NA £35 £35
iPhone 6 £40 NA £35 £35
iPhone 6+ £40 NA £35 £35
iPhone 6S £50 NA £40 £35
iPhone 6S+ £55 NA £40 £35
iPhone 7 £50 £80 £40 £50
iPhone 7 Plus £60 £80 £40 £50
iPhone 8 NA £60 £50 £50
iPhone 8 Plus NA £70 £50 £50


Please Note: With Newer Apple Handsets , Apple Have Implemented Restrictions For Third Party Repairs, You Will Be Covered By Our Provided In-House Warranty For Your Warranty Period With Us Subject To T&C’s.

After Your Device is Repaired Using Part Quality Of  (A+) (Copy) Or (Non OEM) PART/SERVICE Without Our Sync Bypass Service Will Cause A Temporary  Warning Message To Appear, This Can Be Seen For Upto 1 Week On the Home Screen After Restarting The Device, After This Period It Is Also Embedded Into Settings Permanently After 14 days With A Warning Of An Unidentified Part or Unknown Part Has Been Fitted ,With Battery Replacements On The IPhone XS (10s) And Newer The Health Function And Battery Stats Will Be Lost.

If You Wish To Keep These Functions As Original Please Ask For Strictly OEM Parts + Our Bypass Sync Service


Model Screen Replacement Battery Repair Charging Port
iPhone X N/A £100 £200 £50 N/A
iPhone XS N/A £100 £200 £50 £80
iPhone XS Max N/A £125 £225 £60 £90
iPhone XR N/A N/A £100 £50 £80
iPhone 11 N/A N/A £100 £50 £80
iPhone 11 Pro N/A £125 £225 £50 £80
iPhone 11 ProMax N/A £150 £225 £70 £100
iPhone 12 N/A £200 N/A £50 £80
iPhone 12 PRO N/A £200 N/A £50 £80
iPhone 12Pro’Max N/A N/A 375 N/A N/A
iPhone 12Mini N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
For customers wanting to direcly send 
their device in for a faster turnaround 
time, Please ship your device Including 

Name/Contact Details/Fault Details
Package Seculey And Send Recorded
 Directly to our HQ at 

Wizzfix LTD,32 Berkley Road,Frome,Somerset,UK